A & S Design was founded by Alvin Gailey in 2004. Alvin brings a wealth of knowledge from many years of machining from the early 70s to date and with these acquired skills and knowledge, has been able to share his wisdom and design talents with many.

We believe in investing in our employees and have committed to training apprentices and investing in BC’s skilled labour workforce through ITA programs in BC and through these programs and training, have both Journeyman and apprentice machinists on staff.

Our staff is dedicated and strives for perfection in all that we do. We stand behind our work 100% and go to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction. We work hard to get all aspects of the job done by way of outsourcing where need be so the customer does not have to worry about moving parts back and forth thru vendors to complete a job. With our large network of well established industry partners, we are able and willing to provide more than just machining.

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